Lose 100 lbs and keep it off

Lose 100 lbs and Keep it Off Post 1

I need to lose weight. There is no arguing that. What’s more than that, I need to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF! Twice before in my life I’ve lost fairly significant amounts of weight but then gained it all back and then some.

My current starting point is a weight of 294.2 pounds (picture evidence below). My method for losing this weight is a weekly 48 hour fast (attempting to do 2 days in a row but split up if necessary) and keto-ish eating. Once a month I’m going to shoot for a 4 day or more fast. My exercise will be 3x a week cardio, 3x a week weight lifting and attempting to add in high intensity cardio bursts and stretching/mobility on days that I exercise so 6x per week. In addition I am giving myself step goals of 12,000 on cardio days and 8,000 on weight lifting days. I will keep track of my success in exercise goals and my daily weight in a Google sheet to be linked soon.

I will update this blog post series weekly on Fridays to demonstrate my progress and vent any frustrations or share any successes.

I will say it as a disclaimer that I am not a doctor or health professional. You should absolutely not take my advice for diet and exercise and consult a professional.